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FR-II is a Freeride directional board specifically designed for groomed, hard packed or icy conditions. Under those conditions, it is super smooth, effortless, and fast. However, please note that with almost a third of the surface cut out in the middle, the performance advantage will diminish as snow condition gets thicker with more loose powder. In short, the Whip FR-II is definitely NOT a powder board.

Riding the Whip board

Riding Tips

From the OVH to the PTA, The Whip is technically and fundamentally different from any snowboard on the market today. First time rider will immediately notice how differently it rides. Here are some basic riding tips to take full advantage of all the new features.

  • The Whip is designed to be super sensitive to the riders movement. A simple tilt will immediately translate into a turn. Tuck in a bit and it will carve like a hot knife on butter. We therefore recommend experienced riders to relax and dial back on their riding style.
  • Given The Whip is completely chatter ( vibration ) free, we recommend a binding with minimum or no padding to fully appreciate the terrains.