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We started with a clean sheet, building on the patented technology we first pioneered with the Cheetah Ultra Sports’ FR-117. CUS’s The Whip FR-II is the first to feature the new Whip Riding System (WRS).

The WRS is a modular system consisting of four parts, each focusing on different aspects of riding. With the WRS, CUS will eventually be able to provide a wide range of boards to fit our customers’ individual riding styles.

The Whip Technology

Multi Edge Platform (MEP)

The Whip FR-II is built on a platform (board) with an individually CNC’ed core making it over 40% lighter. This particular directional design has an open center that provides two additional straight inner edges for directional stability and a v-shaped hull from tip to tail for quick edge-to-edge transition.

Natural Power Arches (NPA)

On a conventional board, energy must take a 90 degree turn between the edge and the rider. Inspired by Leonardo de Vinci's Vitruvian Man, the two power arches not only place the rider in a natural stance, but also provide more efficient pathways ( up to 45 degrees ) for energy to travel to and from the edges.

Chatter Free Blades (CFB)

Conventionally, paddings are used in the board and or bindings to suppress chatter. To a certain degree this removes the rider from really feeling the terrain.

The Chatter Eating Blades neutralize the vibration waves before they reach the rider, thus eliminating the need for any paddings for a 100% chatter free ride.

Twin Power Spines (TPS)

A Power Spine is integrated into each side of the board to individually enhance edge traction during turns. The sharper the turns, the stronger they carve.

We have engineered this combination of technology with the extensive use of quality high end materials to make The Whip FR-II a board in its own class, redefining the playing field to provide unprecedented speed, stability, control and carving maneuverability.