Dear all CUS The Whip Users,

Do not use this product unless you have read and fully understood any and all warnings and instructions that are provided. This information may be subject to change at any time. Please visit our website at www.cheetahultrasports.com for updates.
Do not alter, modify or change this product. If you are below the age of 18, you should have your parent or guardian review these warnings and instructions with you and do not use this product unless you are under the proper guidance and supervision of such a person. Children should always be under adult supervision when snowboarding.
Snowboarding is a HAZARDOUS activity WITH UNEXPECTED DANGERS. The use of snowboarding equipment, including getting “air” and the use of any natural or man-made terrain feature, involves the RISK of SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY to ANY part of the user’s body, this may include DISMEMBERMENT or DEATH. Improper use of the product may cause the board’s components such as the suspension system, which includes the NPA and CFB to be damaged or break.

Snowboard bindings are “non-release”, and will remain affixed to your feet under most circumstances. However, under certain circumstances, bindings may become separated from your boot. While on the mountain, you should utilize a proper retention device to prevent a runaway snowboard. Snowboards, snowboard bindings and/or retention devices are not intended to and do NOT ACT as a braking device in case of a fall, NOR are they intended to and do NOT PROTECT against ANY type of injury to ANY part of the user’s body, including but not limited to wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders and head. You are at risk of any such injury whether your feet are attached or become detached from the snowboard bindings while in use.

It is strongly recommended that beginners take lessons. As you learn the sport, ride within your own limitations and do not exceed them. Cheetah Ultra Sports strongly recommends the use of a Snowboarding helmet and protective body gear. Helmets and protective body gear may reduce, but will NOT eliminate, the risk of injuries or death, even at slow speeds. Your board should be attached to you with an approved retention device at ALL times while riding or walking. If a retention device is removed for ANY reason, turn the board upside down and push the bindings SECURELY into the snow to prevent runaways. Please use boots that are snowboard specific.

Before each use of The Whip, inspect all parts and attachments to the board to make sure all hardware are secure and no parts are broken or missing. Prolonged exposure to vibrations and UV-light during normal use can naturally lead to loosening or degradation of the board’s parts. We recommend using only CUS approved replacement parts.

Familiarize yourself with any terrain before using The Whip, including any natural or man-made terrain features. Obey all mountain rules and signs as well as all and any laws, regulations and responsibility codes.

Keep these instructions for future reference. By utilizing this product, you agree to the following terms and conditions and acknowledge that you have read and understood the instructions and warnings provided. You are responsible for your own safety and wellbeing while using this product.