Some of the questions
What is new with the latest The Whip?

The Whip FR-II is reengineered with a stronger but lighter core, reshaped with a full length v-shaped hull, and equipped with an upgradable modular suspension system.

Does The Whip come in different lengths?

Not at this time, but will be coming soon.

Does The Whip work on powdery condition?

It is the same as asking, “can a Lamborghini be driven on bumpy dirt roads?”, the answer is yes. Similarly in our case, The Whip will work under such conditions but not optimally.

Isn’t The Whip just a snowboard with risers?

No. While The Whip’s suspension system does position the rider slightly above the top surface of the board, and thus raising the center of gravity, its main function is to eliminate chatter via the suspension blades.

But unlike risers, which isolate riders from the edges of the board. The Whips suspension platform actually enhances the edge feedback and control. How? Imagine a regular snowboard rider as an upside down “T” (viewing from the front of the board). To control the board, the energy has to travel from “I” (the rider) to the outer edge of the “_” (the snowboard board). Placing a riser in the point of transition only adds disruption to that transition of energy.

A rider of The Whip on the other hand, is like an upside – down “Y”. Beyond a smooth ride, the rider’s energy takes a more direct path to the edges, thus give the rider greater feedback and control.

What kind of binding should I use with The Whip?

The Whip comes with the standard 4X4 binding mounting system. It was designed to accept almost all bindings on the market today. Having said that, we would highly recommend a stiff binding with minimal or no padding to get the maximum benefit from our chatter free design.

Is there a nearby store where I can purchase The Whip?

The Whip FR-II is currently only available online. However, we ship orders worldwide.